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How To Become a Better WordPress Consultant

How To Become a Better WordPress Consultant

Many individuals and businesses create their website with WordPress. But most of them need a WordPress consultant to help them out with the project and to offer them assistance.

If you are a WordPress consultant yourself, you know exactly what the business involves. But do you know who to serve?

Many WordPress consultants don’t have a clearly identified ideal client. That stands in the way of their productivity. If you produce content for a target audience, you can attract the clients far easier to the business. Being a general WordPress consultant without a clear target audience in mind won’t get you very far.

The main issue with generalists is that many clients think that they know a bit about everything but don’t know much about anything. So the best way to thrive in the business is definitely to become a specialist.

First and foremost, you’ll be regarded as an expert in the field and customers will know what to expect. This will also increase their faith that you are the most indicated person to do the job. Becoming a specialist will make people trust your skills and abilities much more. You gain a different reputation when you’re an expert in a certain field. You’re regarded as being a reliable ‘go-to’ person for the industry.

You can also get other type of clients: those who know what target audience they want. By constantly learning, you’ll get better and better. That will make your rates boost as well.

You shouldn’t worry that you might narrow your focus too much by specializing in a certain field of activity. It’s true that you might miss out on other business, but you’ll gain much more if you’re dedicated and committed to your specialization and goals. You could lose some business but you’ll get the right ones that will make you grow professionally.

One of the key facts to strive in becoming a specialist is to keep a balance between what you do now and what you want to do in the future. When you narrow your focus and you specialize, you shouldn’t rush and make drastic decisions. You won’t become a specialist overnight so you can’t immediately only accept that kind of projects. Take it one stage at a time. While you’re working on becoming an expert, you can still do your job as usual. Don’t just say no to everything else. Your budget and career could get affected.

Here are some tips to define your ideal client:

1. Think about what kind of client motivates you the most.

Who do you like to serve? That should be the target audience. Focus on the ones that you are always glad to help and notice how passionate you can be if you genuinely enjoy what you’re doing. You’re incredibly more productive when you are dedicated and you get involved.

2. Evaluate the potential similar clients.

They should be enough for you to get the proper workload. It’s also important to know whether you already know some clients like this. It would be a great start to create a business around them. Let them know that you’re willing to help them out.

3. Analyze their needs and the recurring problems that the target audience has.

Research about their most significant problem and find out the solutions that you can provide to fix it efficiently.


One of the biggest mistakes that newcomers do when they identify their target audience is to focus only on the financial part. You shouldn’t avoid thinking about the actual needs of this audience. Put yourself in their shoes. No one wants to hire people who don’t care and who obviously do everything for money.

If you don’t get involved and invest passion in what you do, you’ll never get the best results. You should firstly think about a target audience that you’d really like to help regardless whether it’s the most lucrative or not. If you’ll work hard enough, it will eventually get profitable.

Take into consideration that loving what you do is the key to success. Identifying your ideal client is a huge step forward in your career so you shouldn’t limit yourself to be a generalist. Discover your passion and then work to reach your goal of becoming a specialist in the field.

But be patient and don’t hurry. Following your passion will be one of the wisest career decisions that you’ll ever make. Still, don’t just suddenly drop everything. Take your time to become a professional, to know your target audience and to see how you could make a difference for it. Analyze the business well and see how you could stand out as a specialist WordPress consultant.

It’s natural to feel a bit afraid. Take it step-by-step. Knowing who to serve and how to do it it’s a process that will last a bit. But when you’ll enjoy every minute of your work it will definitely pay off. If you gladly produce content for a target audience your business will become more successful and you’ll be regarded as a reliable specialist. That will be a great accomplishment for your career.

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