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Ways to Prevent Image Theft in WordPress

Ways to Prevent Image Theft in Wordpress

Ever since web came to be, the issue of image theft has been worrying web owners, but currently, image theft is a primary concern for artists universally that exploits their right of ownership. It being a way of businesses earning income, it has become a channel through which they lose anyone who copies their images without their consent to know that it is illegal and unethical for them to be doing so. Once web developers have posted their images online, they are filled with high hopes that they will be recognized for their particular work and have their work market their professionalism in their field of work, but this is all precluded by images crappers. Equivalent to how you implant devices and put in place measures to protect your property so should you to barricade your images, below are several steps that you can undertake to ensure your image content in WordPress.

  • Disable the right click button; on press, this button displays several options among them the option to save an image and it is the easiest way to scrap a picture, once you have disabled this option image, scrapers won’t have the leisure to copy your images anymore. You can do this by adding a plug-in that will hide the save image option.
  • Add a watermark to your images; though you images might not have that entire appealing look to your audience, it is one of the best ways to protect your image content from scrapers. Photoshop can beat this graphic edit, but you can advance it by having your images shrink wrapped such that scrappers only get to steal the transparent top layer.
  • You can set the RSS feedback to display the previous summary of your images, and this will curb image theft, scrappers will have in mind that their actions have been discovered.
  • Use copy scape to unmask any unauthorized copies of your image content that have been made, Once you’ve done this, you can track down and block image scrappers of your web.
  • Disabling of image hotlinks can also serve to curb image theft
  • Putting in place a copyright notice at the bottom of your images can also serve as a measure barring away image scrappers
  • Use of appropriate commons that are recognized will come in handy to strengthen your effort of having a copyright message as a barrier against image thieves.
  • Have your images licensed; at times, human get swayed away by free things that they don’t take the time to check if they are indeed free, this gives them the wrong impression such that they don’t even realize when scrapping images.
  • On your web, you can also have a plug-in that helps the audience trace back images to their original owners.
  • Use Google or other search engines to dispatch your images to your clients, this will serve to ensure that they do not get content from scrappers.

The above tips should guide you on how to guard your images on word press.

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