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Selecting the right wordpress theme

Selecting the right wordpress theme

Choosing the right wordpress theme can be overwhelming. Choosing the right wordpress theme is more than a commitment; to some extent, it is like choosing a lifetime partner. You will be together for a while hence it is crucial choosing the right one. Such is also the case for a word press theme. You need to hit the nail on the head. Below are guidelines on how to pick the right theme.

Clearly define your needs

While choosing needs its possible to get carried away by the physical beauty of the theme, this can be detrimental to your set objectives. To be safe have a plan in mind; you can use the questions below to do so

  1. What amount of content do you intend to have on your website?
  2. Will you require your site to support e-commerce functionality?
  3. Do you intend your site to work with mobile devices?
  4. What items do you consider most important to put on your home screen?
  5. What future changes do you expect in your website?

Having answered the above questions, it’s important to have a solid idea of what your site requires before proceeding to the next step.

Select a theme that matches your content

It is normal to try to make our site’s content match something beautiful we have seen in a theme demo. However, if you don’t have the budget to put in great images and beautiful content boxes you might not be able to match the demo. The secret here is to look at the themes capabilities and see how well it pairs with your content.

Consider functionality and flexibility

At a glance most themes look nice, and it can seem easy to spot one that matches your specific requirements. However, the most important point is the theme’s functionality and its inter phase within the WordPress admin platform. For efficient functionality and flexibility consider the following items;

Page layouts

Find out if it will be possible to change easily the number of sidebars and columns for different pages and posts in the site. It is easier all your site’s content using the same layout but if you intend to use a variety of layouts ensure the theme you pick is up to the task.

Theme options

Some themes give you the freedom to alter a few basic items such as the link colors and the site logo while others may have many more options. Select a theme that gives you the ability to change what you want.

Added functionality

Functionality is what separates a good theme and an excellent theme. Ensure your theme has added functionalities such as built-in content sliders, widgets, photo galleries and others that will boost its user interphase.

Look into the future

Ask yourself, will this theme I have installed evolve with the rest of the site? Make sure you choose an easily improvable theme with navigation structures that will allow you organize your items in a manner that puts consideration into to future developments.

Selecting the right wordpress theme can be the key to successful internet marketing and subsequent business success. The above considerations will guide you on how to select a theme that best matches your needs.

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