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Advantages of WordPress as a CMS

Advantages of WordPress as a CMS

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress over static sites is that you don’t require expertise knowledge to make changes or customize your pages.  Anyone can take complete control of their websites.

ECommerce websites are designed to accept and store a great deal of information. Content management comprises all the activities involved in creating, managing, storing, and deploying content on web pages.

A Content Management System (CMS) is therefore a tool that helps you to add, edit, and publish web content without compromising the look and feel of the site. Today, websites that also help with content management are highly regarded and generally preferable.

Executive summary

Business websites and the importance of content management

A website has become an essential part of business. With more than 50% of new sales being started online, a great website could be the difference between success and failure in ecommerce.

Yet, a website is only as good as its contribution to the bottom line. An increasingly important feature of business websites is support for content management.

Static vs. dynamic websites

Dynamic websites support content management while static sites don’t. Apparently, dynamic sites are also the give lot of functionality in the long run.


Why WordPress?

WordPress websites are dynamic in nature allowing site owners to make changes with ease. But it doesn’t just stop there; WordPress comes with several other tools and plug-ins which make it a superior platform for developing and hosting an ecommerce site.

Making WordPress work for your business

The dynamism of WordPress websites is best demonstrated by the fact that you can actually customize it to deliver more sales. By developing buyer personas, implementing inbound techniques, and creating an appealing and easy to use interface, it should be easier to achieve business objectives.

Professional help

It’s always recommendable to find professional help and invest in expert services.

Static vs. Dynamic websites

A website is said to be static if it contains web pages with fixed content. Typically, all pages in a static website are coded in HTML such that every visitor views exactly the same content.

Disadvantages of static websites;

Expensive – despite the low development costs, static websites eventually end up more expensive to maintain. This is because you have to modify pages and make required changes personally which is also time wasting.

Limited functionality – static sites, as already mentioned are created using basic HTML, there are no additional features; no interactive chat functions, no uploading of images and documents, and so much more. This can be very limiting on the user.

Can only be managed by experts – remember that static websites have no content management systems to support the sites. Any changes and additions must be made by an individual. In most cases, this individual must be a web development expert.

Dynamic sites on the other hand are a bit more costly do develop and even more complex in design, but the advantages of wordpress are numerous.

Features of dynamic websites include ability of end users to upload documents and images, discussion boards, e-commerce systems, intranet and/or extranet facilities, and content management systems among others.

WordPress sites are dynamic

So, how do WordPress websites compare with static websites?

Content management

While every post is a post, WordPress posts are categorized as Type of Post. In-built post types include media attachments, menus, and posts. You can create additional post types also known as custom post types (CPTs). Moreover, you can organize your posts by categories or tags. At the end of the day, you’re in control or literally all your content.

Themes and flexibility

Unlike static websites, it’s actually possible to add new themes to your WordPress website as and when you necessary. Simply download the Theme Archive and extract the files it contains then save the Theme in wp-content/themes directory. There are so many themes to choose from, both free and premium.

Design and editing (visual composer)

Another thing that you can’t get with static websites is WordPress’s visual composer. Visual Composer is basically a drag and drop page builder. Developed by WP bakery, the plug-in gives you the tools to create complex page layouts with little or no knowledge of coding.

Animation and effects

There are a dozen animation tools that you could use to customize a variety of features on your WordPress pages. Examples include Animate It, Rotating Tweets, and Nivo Slider

Forms and landing pages

Similarly, there are at least a dozen plug-ins used to develop and customize WordPress forms and landing pages. Start by trying out WordPress Landing Pages.


You can choose to purchase premium ecommerce tools for WordPress online or you can start with W00commerce. Woommerce is a powerful plug-in that businesses can use to sell anything online quickly and easily.


Security remains a key concern for every online business. Fortunately, WordPress allows you to choose from a variety of security plug-ins to protect our website and business. Popular security plug-ins include; WPSecureOps Brute Force Protect, BulletProof Security, and Wordfense Security.

Auto-formatting of repetitive page content

WordPress supports auto formatting of content. If the auto-formatting presents a challenge, WordPress has also developed PS Disable Auto Formatting so you can develop natural paragraphs and changing lines.

Little specialized knowledge required

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress over static sites is that you don’t require expertise knowledge to make changes or customize your pages. Anyone can take complete control of their websites.

Low maintenance costs

Though maintaining your site on your own is usually a viable alternative, even allowing third parties to maintain your site isn’t that costly. Many providers are happy to take $5-10 a month for professional maintenance.

Strategic messaging on WordPress

After you have designed your WordPress website, it’s time to prime it for business. This is accomplished in two steps;

Painting the picture of your brand, products and services

You want your website to communicate your message from the word go. As soon as visitors get to your website, they should easily identify your brand.

There are several tips you can follow to better your logos as you try to sway customers your way. In a nutshell, find a development company; give them all the details they need, and allow them to do the job. They probably know about current trends and what would keep customers coming back.

Understanding your buyers by developing and utilizing buyer personas

Buyer personas are fictitious representatives of your ideal customers. These personas are critical to achieving your goals. The allow you to gain an understanding of your true customers and how to provide products and services to address their needs.

Orchestrating design and content

So, what exactly can you do to make your WordPress website a true business site? How can you attract visitors, convert leads, and turn over sales?

Develop the site for business – as many have discovered, it’s not about the prettiness of the design. Rather, it’s about getting response. Can your design influence preference and visual reaction?

A great interface guarantees additional visitors – your interface is your face on the internet. A few tweaks that can batter your interfaces as you try to attract more customers include; fixing error messages, CTAs, and buttons. Use sliders sparingly and retain a clean, simple interface.

Inbound marketing – inbound marketing has been around for almost a decade now and the results are marvelous. It’s a closed loop marketing starting with strangers through visitors, leads, customers, and promoters then back to strangers.

Get professional help – when all is said and done, professionals will always do a better job. From design to development, content creation to keyword searches, professionals are just better at it because it’s what they do for a living.

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