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Optimizing images for SEO and Internet marketing

Optimizing images for SEO and Internet marketing

If you are thinking about designing your word press website for efficient internet marketing you might have encountered the question should I add an image to my website? The answer is a big “Yes”. Images make a website more vivid and contribute to improving the search engine optimization of the site. Globally, successful international companies and specialized agencies have perfected the art of image optimization which has been a key ingredient to their success.

Why images optimization is a plus to your internet marketing endeavor

Images when added to help visitors understand the content of the website better; It is said, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Better still illustrate your message through charts and data flow diagrams and you can be sure to increase traffic on your website.

How to optimize images for internet marketing

1- Finding the right picture; this is the most significant step in image optimization. To start with if you have the opportunity to add you own image, please do so. Also, if you are marketing products have clear photos of the products in well-lit conditions.

2- Your website needs images that are of the same subject matter as the content. For illustrative purposes, the image should relate to the topic of the post. If you get it right, when visitors search for your product or services the images you have used should pop up right at the top.

3- Look out for the words that surround the images. Such words should be optimized for search engines so that visitors can easily be directed to your website. These words emphasize the title or subject of the post. Also, these words trigger visitors to read more about your text and make sense of the image. Images should be used in open graph tags and twitter cards hence enabling then to gain more social shares.

4- Preparing images for use in your website; there some issues you should take into consideration while optimizing images for your site. First choose the right file name; even before you look at the actual image you want the search engine to know what the picture is about. For example, if you image is about the Eifel tower it should not be DSC4567.jpg but Eifel-tower.jpg as Eifel tower is the main subject of the picture.

5- Scaling your image for search engine optimization; scaling determines how fast images will load on your website. The faster the loading time the easier to visit the site will be. Word press helps by providing the image in various sizes after uploading. While adding the image to your website; do not just stuff the pictures everywhere. Always add them in related textual content. This makes the image relevant to the content.

6- Adding ALT text; an alt text is a descriptive text that appears in place of a picture when for any reason the image cannot be displayed. In this case, the alt text should have an SEO keyword that relates to the keyword.

Internet marketing is a broad spectrum that requires careful us of images. Images play a crucial role in directing visitors to your website. This underlines the importance of having relevant images that one can easily relate to your content. In this case approach a credible word press specialized agency and begin your journey to success.

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