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Best Inbound Marketing Plan for Your Business Today

Best Inbound Marketing Plan for Your Business Today

Not long ago, marketing meant cold calling, direct mail and television and radio ads; the costs were extraordinarily high and the return on investment (ROI) was often quite low. Times have radically changed because of our totally interconnected world. Today, businesses all over the world prefer inbound marketing by a margin of 3 to 1, and for an impressive reason – inbound marketing leads are 62 percent less expensive than traditional, outbound marketing lead costs.

For business owners and managers, it is clear where the greatest marketing value lies. What’s more, a recent survey showed that 84 percent of small businesses largely utilize inbound to build their online presence, enhance their market position, and drive revenue and sales, and it is the preferred technique no matter what type of business. If you haven’t yet embraced inbound marketing fully, it is time to take another look and reap the benefits for your business. Let’s look at how to get started:

Hire a Web Design Company

The most critical element of your inbound marketing plan is your website; it serves as the online hub for your business and a website is no longer optional. Customers expect to find a website filled with information about your business, about you, and about your customers and how you’ve helped them solve similar problems. A good website gives customers more than information – it gives them faith in you and your business, while helping to build a solid relationship and a sense of trust.

A dynamic and unique website that tells your story and evolves as your business does is crucial to your success. Take our advice and hire an experienced web design company to capture your vision and translate it to the masses. Your web designer will become a trusted business partner and guide you in your inbound marketing efforts as well; they are well-versed in SEO, SEM, social media and content marketing, and can help with questions that you have about inbound marketing strategies and web design marketing ideas. Overall, all of these things are inextricably intertwined and one flows smoothly into the next.

Web Design Marketing Ideas

Certainly, a pretty website alone will not make or break your company, and that is why it’s crucial to have a well-laid out plan from the beginning. Good web design marketing ideas encompass everything from the content and functionality of your site, to the active search engine optimization work that is done to draw visitors and traffic.

Every company, no matter how big or small, needs a powerful brand, a solid marketing strategy and a lot of online exposure. Innovative web design marketing ideas are the first step in building your brand, and they are compelling weapons that enhance your financial ROI. Therefore, a website that is original and unique will stand out from the masses and set you apart from your competitors.

Of course, web design marketing ideas go further than setting up an initial website. There are other important considerations, such as unique landing pages that can serve many different goals, like capturing lead information or even online sales.

There are also advertising considerations, like banner ads, videos that tell about your product or show it in action, and images and memes that you can use as cross-platform marketing tools.

Be sure that any marketing elements used enhance your branding and awareness for the business. This includes any online properties, from your website and blog to social media or industry directories, and online and offline promotional materials, documents and advertising. The majority of small businesses neglect branding, and your solid branding campaigns will definitely put you ahead of your competition.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Every business is different, so inbound marketing strategies need to reflect that and the plan needs to be tailored to the business and the unique goals of that business. This means combining SEO, content, social media, pay per click, email marketing and other strategies in a well-rounded marketing plan to drive success.

SEO: Proper SEO helps your website pages show up on the first page of results when users do a search, almost no one clicks through to the second page. Being on page one and close to the top, will bring lots of exposure and organic traffic. Good copy writing ensures SEO-friendliness and higher search rankings, as does linking to high authority pages.

Content: Content goes hand-in-hand with SEO. Find the keywords that people use to search for your type of business, and use them consistently. Search engine algorithms today are slick and will ferret out the best content for users; content that is relevant, engaging and helpful. Answering customer questions or providing how-to guides are optimal content uses that drive traffic.

Pay per click: For highly competitive industries, pay per click can provide a needed boost in traffic when other inbound marketing strategies are not working as well, or as quickly, as desired. PPC can help boost your site in the rankings and drive additional organic traffic overall, so it can be a valuable part of a company’s marketing strategy.

Social media: The advantages of social media marketing as part of your inbound marketing strategies cannot be understated. Social media offers you a two-way conversation outlet with your customers and prospects, and can be used for everything from evaluating competitors to targeted marketing, to public relations and customer service. The ROI for social media is extremely high, as being involved in the platforms is free, and targeted ads are very inexpensive.

To be sure that everything you create looks good and tells a positive story about your business, you need to have the perfect plan in place. A good web design company can help to insure optimal inbound marketing strategies are working together with your web design marketing ideas, and vice versa, so that your marketing is clicking on all cylinders and moving forward successfully!

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